I started training with Gary on December 10th 2012. He was recommended to me by someone very close and dear to me. She too had experienced remarkable and life changing results while training with Gary.

Gary and I met, decided on a training 3 days a week at my apartment. Due to my time constraints and work schedule, we trained at 6am twice during the week and at 9am on Saturday mornings. The results; when I started I weighed 235 lbs at 5’ 8’’ tall. My waist was a size 44. By February 2013 I weighed 217 lbs.

In April 2013 I weighed 205.8 lbs. In May 2013 I took 10 days off but did my best to maintain and practice some of the eating strategies Gary and I discussed. I came back weighing 203 lbs. In October I weighed 189 lbs. By December 22nd 2013 we completed our training agreement and I weighed 179 lbs. My waist size, 37.5 inches. Total weight loss 57 LBS!!

For some people 57 lbs might not be that impressive,especially when compared to what you see on TV shows etc. However for me, the way we executed our training was through a manageable, consistent resolve. A balance between teaching and coaching, that taught me how to control and manage my weight and fitness.Probably most importantly, I have kept the weight off and continue to maintain a fitter lifestyle to this day.


Gary Mahabir is the total package: trainer, psychologist, guru, motivator, friend. He understands the importance of caring for mind, body and spirit. Without exchanging a word he can read my mood and take me to a higher level of achievement than I ever expected for myself. He has a gift for individualized attention and combines practical needs with aspirational goals. I've had countless trainers over the years. The search is over. I found the perfect one.