Knockout Performance History


KNOCKOUT PERFORMANCE, LLC also known as Knockout! is a Brooklyn hybrid fitness studio created and established fitness coach and entrepreneur Gary D. Mahabir that offers fight inspired, group fitness classes.

I love what I do. I love fitness and the journey that it can take you through. I have been a competitor all my life. Early on I discovered the body and mind are not separate. I started with track and field, that evolved into bodybuilding, power lifting and Muay Thai boxing. Through my 30-year competitive sports experience, I have developed an instinctive, grounded, and simple approach to helping others reach and maintain their personal fitness and wellness goals.

As a coach, I continue to learn and evolve through constant education, from my industry, from my clients, and from my teammates. I believe all of life is encompassed in love and the quest for self-discovery. Fitness is my vehicle to teach this.

The conversation of fitness health and wellness is bigger than ever before. There are more gyms, fitness studios and fitness products. Words like Organic and Gluten free are buzzwords alongside High Intensity exercise (HIT) and “Beast mode training”. Popular diets like Paleo eating and Caveman diets are on the tips on everyone’s tongue when not discussing the latest workout DVD or online training regimen.

Though not of these are inherently bad, the context and application is what makes them difficult to watch them get consumed by the general public. Many people don’t really know how and why these eaten plans work or they are even the appropriate eating plan for their bodies and the lifestyle demands. Similarly, with exercise. Many of these workout routines are highly effective…if perform by the appropriate person. Too many people get injured performing exercises and exercise programs that they are neither prepared or ready to perform.

Many of the current trends are for the already fit crowd- “the fit trying to get fitter”

Coupled with the plethora of information in magazines, TV and the Internet, deciphering what’s good from bad can be challenging.

At knockout Performance, we have taken over 22 years of professional training experience from working with private clients, small and big groups, and corporate organizations and identified best practices and put them under one roof.

“Our mission, is to create the most conducive environment for our client to learn, own and master the fitness and wellness tools, their bodies minds and spirit needs to live a healthier happier life.”

We don’t believe there is such a thing as perfect but there can always be progress. However, progress isn’t always obvious either. So real victory and success, ultimately exists in the process-the journey to be cliché.

Buying into the process of exercising on a consistent basis along with good nutritional habits, is your key to enjoying the journey.

Recognizing that only you can make yourself healthier, happier, become pain free and perhaps extend your life span is up to you!